What is a Renewable Microgrid?

Renewable Microgrids are a fully comprehensive, long term site upgrade. Through the use of Capstone turbines fueled by renewable natural gas, and solar systems that charge large scale batteries, green energy is a feasible alternative to the grid. Implementing a renewable microgrid will not only lower operating expenses drastically, but allows for truly sustainable operations. As an additional bonus, a microgrid will provide energy independence. Producing your power needs on site means never having to worry about downtime during an outage on the power grid.

microgrid solar panels
Microgrid and biogas production

 Microgrids & Biogas Production

Cyclum Renewables has partnered with its sister company, GESS RNG Biogas USA, to install microgrids on GESS’ growing network of RNG production plants. By powering GESS’ production operations off of renewable green energy, they are able to produce fuel that is truly carbon negative. That carbon negative fuel will be utilized by Cyclum at its national network of truck stops to produce renewable fuels and power.