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[1] As used herein, “income” means adjusted gross income, as reported for federal income tax purposes, increased by the following amounts: (i) the amount of any tax exempt interest income received; (ii) the amount of losses claimed as a limited partner in a limited partnership; (iii) any deduction claimed for depletion; (iv) amounts contributed to an individual retirement account or Keogh retirement plan; (v) alimony paid; and (vi) any amounts by which income from long-term capital gains has been reduced in arriving at adjusted gross income pursuant to the provisions of Section 1202 of the Code (as herein defined).

[1] As used herein, “net worth” means the excess of total assets, excluding your primary residence, at fair market value over total liabilities, including your mortgage or any other liability secured by your primary residence only if and to the extent that it exceeds the value of your primary residence. Net worth should include the value of any other shares of stock or options held by you and your spouse and any personal property owned by you or your spouse (e.g. furniture, jewelry, other valuables, etc.).